What is an Angel Card Reading?

What is an Angel Card Reading?

by Kaytie Hrynewich and Rebecca Fuller

Angel Card Readings access the energies of the Angelic Realms, the Angels around you, as well as the reader’s Angel team to help facilitate the message. The Angel Card Reader may call upon other Angels to join in, or even an Archangel, other times they just show up. Angel Card Readings provide guidance for the question at hand and can provide you with what information you need, even if you are not asking about it. In fact, sometimes your question may be unanswered if the Angels feel a different important message must be addressed first.

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The Angel Card Reader is simply the messenger and provides clarity to the guidance that is being presented.

The messages the Angels provide cover all aspects of human life and include Spiritual guidance. Angel messages also provide encouragement for whatever challenges you face.

As a Tarot Card Reader taps into or connects with your Higher-Self. Angel Card Readers connect to the Angelic Realms. They connect with the Angels around you.

Some believe that an Angel Card Reading is a gentler form of getting messages. For the most part yes, but is not entirely true, some messages from the Angels can be very firm and direct especially if the Angels have been trying to get your attention for a while and the person has not been listening or hearing the guidance. As mentioned above, you may not get direct guidance about your inquiry until the message you truly need, has been delivered, understood and considered.

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While Tarot Card Readings tend to be more structured. Angel Card Readings tent to be considered more “free form” with affirmations accompanying images or stand-alone affirmations.

Angel Card Readings aim to inspire, heal, guide and comfort a person that is going through a difficult time. The words of guidance from Angel Cards are typically uplifting and positive and they stir our emotions. This is not to suggest that the only time you would choose an Angel Card Reading is because you are looking for comfort.

Angel Card Readings, like Tarot Card Readings, can help you to see things in a different light, tap into influences and additional information you may not have realized or thought of. Hence, seeing things differently, Angels may share something that you had not contemplated before.

Angels are happy to help with everyday issues, you just need to ask, as they cannot intervene because of our free will. In fact, they are just waiting for your next call, as this helps them fulfill their purpose. Hence why they love to participate in Angel card Readings because an Angel Card Reading is like a two-way communication with the Angels. You ask a question, and the Angels answer with the cards by providing guidance.

Often people get an Angel Card Reading to confirm what they already know, just unsure of trusting their own intuition, and typically the cards provide a wonderful confirmation.

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Ultimately the Angels will give you guidance as to what paths are options for you and to let you know you are loved and supported. Angels are very happy to give guidance all you need to do is ask.

There is a saying that “Every time an Angels message is delivered and received, the Angels Dance.”

Love and Magick All Ways
Kaytie Hrynewich and Rebecca Fuller