Finding Your Crystal Personality in Calgary

Finding Your Crystal Personality in Calgary

As a holistic healer, the energy in crystal therapy is something I strongly believe in. Crystal healing treatments are a natural expulsion of negative energy and rejuvenation of positive vibes that resonate throughout your mind, body, and spirit.

The Metaphysical Center in Calgary is a holistic wellness home for you to connect your inner thoughts and feelings. This is a welcoming space for you to become your ultimate you. The practitioners at the Metaphysical Center offer crystal therapy through treatments where they place crystals on your body to help rejuvenate your self. If wearing healing crystals is more your thing then Metaphysical Center offers an array of crystals that absorb, repel and transmit energy.

Each of us has a different personality and the crystals we chose have unique influences on our inner spirits depending on the colour. Here is a little help in guiding you into figuring out which healing crystal is right for you.

Artistic Crystals For Your Creative Self

Are you an expressive person with tons of emotion running through you? Do you express yourself through sketching, dancing or writing? A loving crystal such as the Rose Quartz is an ideal fit for you. This is the healing crystal of unconditional love that speaks directly to the heart chakra (your spiritual power). If you want to build love in your life, the Rose Quartz is ideal for you as it draws in romance and helps develop a closer bond with friends and family.

Skeptical? Try The Black Onyx

Originally it was thought the Onyx was a demon imprisoned in the stone. Ironically, the Black Onyx today has been known to release negativity from the soul and protect us from evil. Correlating to the change you may feel when wearing the black onyx, your skeptical negating thoughts of life transform into positive vibes. Black Onyx healing crystals are ones of change, helping the wearer make correct decisions that will change their life. Do you tend to be pessimistic? This is the ideal stone for you.

You Sense It

As you may already know from your intuitive personality, the Amethyst healing crystal meshes with you. Known as the stone of spirituality, Amethyst’s grounding colour of purple and energy of blue combine with the colour of the sky as twilight transitions to night. The learning centre for natural holistic health notes that Amethyst is a transition crystal that transports its wearer from “dusk to a conscious shift into a different place.”
The transformative power of this crystal takes you on a journey as you to tap into your psychic abilities.

Is your personality trait excluded from this list? Take a fun quiz that tells you what kind of crystal best suits you? Click here for your results.

Once you discover which crystal is right for you then venture into Metaphysical Center where crystal therapy experts will provide you with the healing crystal to suit your mind, body, and soul.

Remember to love and let the Magick in you shine!