Ionic Foot Bath

calgary ionic foot detox

Ionic Foot Bath

Detox Foot­bath: $40.00/ 30 min

Detox Spe­cial: 5 Ionic Detox Ses­sions for $120 (Reg.$200)

Benefits of an Ionic Foot Bath

Clients have found results in numerous health areas including:

  • Reduction of skin prob­lems (fungus, yeast, acne)
  • Re­moval of tox­ins such as uric & lactic acids, heavy metals & chem­ic­als
  • Symp­to­matic re­lief from edema, gout, & swollen joints
  • Re­duc­tion of head­aches
  • Re­duc­tion of in­flam­ma­tion
  • Re­duc­tion of fluid re­ten­tion
  • Ten­sion re­lief
  • Stress Re­duc­tion
  • In­crease of en­ergy
  • In­creased oxy­gen levels
  • Im­prove­ment of sleep
  • In­creased at­ten­tion and focus
  • Sea­sonal al­lergy re­lief

The Process: Release • Refresh • De-Stress

Why do you need to re­bal­ance your body?

Our bod­ies are bom­barded by tox­ins. The body needs to cleanse it­self of tox­ins each day. Tox­ins the body can­not elim­in­ate are stored in fatty tis­sue, joints, muscles, and the brain. These tox­ins can clog cell mem­brane walls which are then un­able to ab­sorb enough nu­tri­tion to sup­port nor­mal cell func­tion­ing. Over time, this leads to re­duced vi­tal­ity and weakened im­mune and lymph­atic sys­tems. The Ionic Foot Cleanse helps the body re­bal­ance it­self, im­prove pH, and in­crease en­ergy levels.

How do tox­ins build up?

Heavy metals, min­er­als, syn­thetic chem­ic­als and hor­mones, even human and an­imal wastes are in the water we drink, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in, the air we breathe, and the cos­met­ics we use.The skin is the largest organ in our body and be­cause it is per­meable it eas­ily ab­sorbs tox­ins. The scalp is es­pe­cially per­meable to tox­ins. Re­late that to the num­bers of toxic chem­ic­als put in your hair to color, sham­poo, con­di­tion, and treat it.

How often should I use the sys­tem?

We re­com­mend that the sys­tem be used either once a week for the first six weeks or twice a week for the first three weeks. Ses­sions should be spaced no closer than once every three days. A main­ten­ance pro­gram of one ses­sion per month or bi-monthly is often suf­fi­cient. You will be able to de­term­ine the ap­pro­pri­ate main­ten­ance sched­ule by how you feel. Drink plenty of water dur­ing and after your ses­sion to keep one­self hy­drated. It is im­port­ant to al­ways drink suf­fi­cient amounts of water on a daily basis. Water cleanses the body.

What can I ex­pect to feel?

Each per­son’s ex­per­i­ence is unique. A lot de­pends on the level of tox­icity. After just five or six ses­sions, most cus­tom­ers re­port “subtle”, “quiet” changes in the way they feel in­clud­ing; in­creased over­all vigor, im­proved feel­ing of well being, sharpened cog­ni­tion, more pos­it­ive moods, re­duced joint pain, “I just wake up brighter”, etc. Some cli­ents re­port these feel­ings after their first ses­sion. Sev­eral people have felt tired (this can be the res­ult of the im­mune and lymph­atic sys­tem tak­ing on the extra load of tox­ins that had been stored). Other cli­ents feel their en­ergy levels re­ju­ven­ated, while oth­ers have felt noth­ing. More women than men have noted that they have a bet­ter night sleep. Oc­ca­sion­ally cus­tom­ers have stated that they have a metal taste in their mouths. Long term cus­tom­ers (typ­ic­ally women) have stated they felt an in­crease in their meta­bol­ism with cor­res­pond­ing re­duc­tions in weight and cel­lulite. The Ionic Foot Detox en­cour­ages the body to nat­ur­ally: Elim­in­ate im­pur­it­ies from your body; Kick-starts the kid­neys; In­crease meta­bol­ism; Aides the lymph­atic sys­tem; Im­prove cir­cu­la­tion; Re­duce stress; In­crease en­ergy levels; Re­duce sleep in­con­sist­en­cies; Re­duce dis­com­fort; Im­prove ph bal­ance.

Can any­one use the sys­tem?

No. People with the fol­low­ing con­di­tions are ad­vised not use the foot detox: People with pace­makers or using a heart­beat reg­u­lat­ing device or medi­cine; People who have had an organ trans­plant; People who suf­fer from psychotic epis­odes, seizures; People with dia­betes; People with epi­lepsy; Dur­ing preg­nancy or lactat­ing; Blood pres­sure prob­lems; Open wounds; People under a phys­i­cian’s care (con­sult your doc­tor); After a re­cent sur­gery (6 weeks)(make sure you are re­leased from doc­tor’s care).


Will the water change color when there are no feet in the water?

Yes. This is due to the chem­ical in­ter­ac­tion of the water, salt and the ionic ex­change oc­cur­ring with the array. Part of the color change oc­curs be­cause of the nat­ural ox­id­a­tion of the array coil.

Is the color of the water sig­ni­fic­ant?

The color var­ies from per­son to per­son. There are many ele­ments that con­trib­ute to the color of the water. What is im­port­ant is how you feel? In­di­vidual ana­lysis of the water after the pro­cess is the only pos­sible way to de­term­ine what is present in the water, plus the water would have to be ana­lyzed prior to the treat­ment to de­term­ine what chem­ic­als already exist in the water.

Will it re­move med­ic­a­tions from my body?

No. Only tox­ins are re­moved from the sweat glands in your feet. Vit­am­ins, min­er­als and med­ic­a­tions are not ex­creted.