Not Sure What Kind of Reading Would Suit You?

Not Sure What Kind of Reading Would Suit You?

There are many different modalities when it comes to “Psychic” Reading.
The main difference is, where the reader is connecting, to get the messages that are specific to you. It’s important to know that whatever or whoever the reader is connecting with, be it the Universe, your Higher-Self, Angels, Spirit, or Spirit Guides. All are trying to open our minds and our hearts to other opportunities to expand our lives. All readings help us to explore within ourselves.
The Readers job is simply to open themselves up as a channel for the information to flow through and provide you with the information that comes through.

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Tarot Card Readers connect to your Higher -Self, that part of you that can be hard to hear, especially if you are in crisis and are emotionally upset. Some Tarot Card Readers connect with Spirit Guides as well, from time to time. If we are unaware of our Spirit Guides, or in deep emotional crisis, it can be difficult or even impossible to hear and recognize. We are constantly being offered guidance/help along the way, guidance specifically for you and the situation(s) you may be in at any given time.
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Angel Card Readers connect with the Angelic Realm, the Angels that are around you, as well as any that we call upon to join in, like an Archangel for example. These Angel Card Readings provide guidance for the question at hand and can provide you with what information you need, even if you are not asking about it. Often people get an Angel Card Reading to confirm what they already know, just unsure of trusting their own intuition, and typically the Angel Cards provide a wonderful confirmation. An Angel Card Reading is like two-way communication with the Angels, you ask a question, and the Angels answer with the cards by providing guidance.
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Mediums connect directly with spirit. They may connect with their guides, that communicate with your guides Your guides may come indirectly. Mediums also can connect with Deceased Loved Ones or Ancestors that are around you and want to help.

It’s important to come in for a reading with an open mind and an open heart. Some people are so consumed with what they want to happen or the answer that they want to hear, anything other than that they will reject as being wrong.
Remember, a Psychic is simply a messenger, not the adviser. When people are very closed off to what is being presented, they may go hopping from Psychic to Psychic until one says what they want to hear. It’s good to remember that sometimes the things we want and long for are not what is best for us. Or the solution is something we never thought of. Trust that The Universe knows best, and often knows better, that which is the best thing for us at any given time.
One last thing to consider when looking for a reading, anyone who claims they will get you the answers you desire and connect with a Deceased Loved One every time may not be the right person. Why not? Well, we cannot control Spirit, therefore we cannot guarantee they will always show up, all we can do is invite them with love and compassion, and be ready to hear what they have to say.

Hope this helps lead you to the right Reader for you.
Love and Magick All Ways

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