Past Life Astrology

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Past Life Astrology

By Danny Fredricks

How important is your horoscope to your past lives? Is the idea of reincarnation silly, or serious? Do we REALLY come back after this life is done… or the is the idea of a soul that moves from body to body simply science fiction? And if it’s TRUE… how much can you learn from having your astrological chart read, OR are there better ways to get a past life reading instead?

Imagine if I were to tell you that all of us have lived before, will live again and that MANY of the most pressing issues we face in THIS life are a simple continuation of issues we’ve faced in previous lives?

What if I were to tell you that truly understanding WHY you are here now… and what you are here to accomplish, is the key to health, happiness and eternal bliss?

The truth is, in my own spiritual journey, I’ve learned that our AUTHENTIC selves, the soul or spirit, is indestructible, DOES in fact choose to reincarnate for any number of reasons, and that learning this NOW, is a big part of being able to move ahead in your own karma, and create the sort of life you truly came back to manifest now..:-)

Are horoscopes powerful tools for finding out who you were in a past life… or are there OTHER more insightful techniques?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say something that many astrologers MAY not like: While I do believe that astrology plays a significant role in a past life reading, it wouldn’t be my FIRST choice for the sort of strategy to uncover who you’ve been in the past… and what you are struggling with today.

Instead, I recommend:

Either a regression therapy that is past life oriented. (i.e. – being regressed BEYOND the boundaries of this life, and into another. Requires a certified and skilled regression therapist and NOT something to be toyed with for fun and games)

OR –

A past life reading with an emotional intuitive or a relationship psychic who understands and empathizes with the idea of reincarnation. This can be done over the telephone as effectively (or even MORE effectively) than in person, and is a great primer, or a wonderful way to be introduced to the idea of past lives, karma, destiny, and DECISIONS… without risking a lot of money or doing anything that could be damaging to your psyche. (such as letting an amateur regress you – which CAN be dangerous)

I DO believe that astrology plays a part, of course… in any good spiritual tapestry technique. But in this case, I think it’s actually EASIER, and more effective, simply to talk to a legitimate psychic who does this everyday… , then it is to look to the stars for answers that may NOT be waiting on short notice…