Practitioner – Christopher Minor

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Practitioner – Christopher Minor

Hypnotherapist | Zen Level Therapy

General Hypnotherapy – Past Life Regression – Soul Regression

Christopher Minor is a master hypnotist/hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression, soul regression, and general therapy. With over 2 decades of hypnotic education and experience, he is dedicated to helping others help themselves. He currently lives in Calgary, Alberta running Zen Level Therapy and travels often performing hypnosis throughout Canada and the US. He also operates the Calgary Hypnosis Exploration meetup group where he teaches hypnosis to current and aspiring practitioners.

Past Life Regression can be a form of entertainment or used as a powerful tool for discovering past lessons. It can also be used therapeutically to clear up lingering regrets, emotions, and break recurring life cycle patterns. (Recommend 1 – 2 sessions)*

Soul Regression is a journey into the time between your lives. Here is where you can reconnect with your soul family and partners, speak with your mentor, and discover your true purpose in life. (Recommend 2-3 sessions)*

General Therapy covers a very broad area of focus. Anger issues, bad habits, fears and phobias, sexuality, trauma/abuse, insomnia, and everything in between. (Recommend 1-6 sessions)*

All services start with a phone consultation where I will customize a plan that is a perfect fit for your desired outcome.

*Please note that all sessions are scheduled for 3 hours each.

Session $295.00
Package of 3 $825.00
Package of 6 $1470.00