Practitioner – Gloria Bieber

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Practitioner – Gloria Bieber


Product and Services

(Not Available for Sessions until February 2019)

Aura Photography, Chaneller, Clairvoyant, Mediumship

Transcendental Mediation through Sylva Mind Control Centre, Mediumship through a Spiritist Church, Mind/ Spirit/ Body Metaphysical Training, Metaphysics Studies through Science of Mind relationships with manifestations in the physical dimension, Theoretical and Practical development of ’spiritual languages’ to enhance dialogue with Spirit Master/ Angels/ Guides, Study of the philosophies of Dr. Bernadt, Dr. Cruppe, Lazarus (Spirit Guides that present their teachings through a medium) and Edger Cayce (the Sleeping Prophet), Tai Chi, Qui Gong, Reiki, Energy Balancing, Clairvoyance & other Psychic Skills, Tea Reading, Dream Interpretation.

Here is a video that showcases Gloria’s work. Please note that the location of the center has changed since the time this video was taped. The new address is #103 – 5720 MacLeod Trail SW Calgary, AB. – Phone: (403) 226-7665

Gloria’s Pricing

Not available for sessions until February 2019

Energy Work

Chakra Cleanse and Balance $120.00
Channeled Healing 90 Minutes $220.00
Reiki 30 Minutes $60.00
Reiki 60 Minutes $100.00
Spiritual Advisor 90 Minutes $220.00
Aura/Chakra Imaging:
Photo only $40.00
Photo with 15 Minute Reading $80.00
Photo with 30 Minute Reading $130.00
Photo with 60 Minute Reading $180.00


15 Minute Reading $ 50.00
30 Minute Reading $ 90.00
45 Minute Reading $ 130.00
60 Minute Reading $ 170.00