Practitioner – Heather Norman

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Practitioner – Heather Norman

Clear Negative Energy

Negative Energy Clearing

We are all one. All connected. All from the same source. All energy comes from the same source, even negative energy.

We invite negative energy into our fields through our thoughts, feelings, actions, and ideas. Negative energy can also be transferred to us or to space by another or attach depending on the situations that we experience in life. Negative energy can present itself in many ways: In the human physical form as tiredness, irritability, fear, anxiety, depression, inability to sleep or disturbed sleep and/or physical pain or discomfort.

  • In a dwelling as noise, a feeling that someone is present in the space, moving objects, voices or odours.
  • In animals as an inability to concentrate or quick movements as if something is passing by them, lethargy or a change in behavior.
  • With objects, it can spark, move or create something that draws your attention to it causing discomfort.

To clear the negative energy that has attached, I connect to Source and Source then connects to whoever or whatever I have been given permission to clear. I act as the conduit. Hearing, feeling or seeing the reasons behind attachment, I then translate that back to help understand why the energy has presented itself. With the identification of why negative energies attach, it allows us to pause and contemplate before reacting in the future.

The clearing of negative energy from ourselves and the spaces we inhabit can allow us to fully experience our life’s purpose by removing energetic barriers. It allows us to hold and view not only ourselves but others in love instead of judgment. The more we can move through our life in love, the closer to our soul path we become.

Remote Clearing Sessions available

Heather will be available for Remote Clearing sessions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5-8pm. If you would like to book an appointment or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at (403) 226-7665