Practitioner – Kaytie Hrynewich

psychic calgary practitioner Kaytie

Practitioner – Kaytie Hrynewich

Psychic/Card Reader | Owner/Operator of The Metaphysical Center

About Kaytie Hrynewich

I started my Spiritual Journey about 20 years ago. I felt that some element was missing, that there was more to this life than working towards retirement. A life that was more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling. A belief in Something within oneself, a certain something extra that every human being possesses, but does not necessarily discover. I had a burning desire to discover what that was.

The first 10 years or so I spent seeking, learning, and discovering. The years since then, I have been seeking, learning and implementing.

I believe that the learning process never stops as we are all here to have a “human experience”. We are here to discover and continually expand into who we “Truly Are” and this “expansion” continues throughout our experience here on earth. This is our own personal journey.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through this experience, I discovered Archangel Raphael was one of my Guides. I then understood that, in order to be a “Healer”, I needed to experience going through a “Healing”. This experience was life-changing for me as I began to see things differently. For this, I am truly grateful.

In 2014, I took the big leap and gave up my corporate job of 20 years.

This allowed me to let go of old energy that was no longer serving a purpose. Giving an opportunity to create and expand new energy to create Wellness, Physically, Spiritually and Mentally. That evolved into The Metaphysical Center Transformational Arts of Spiritual Healing.

I have discovered that the best feeling I have ever experienced was helping others directly. Since this is what I wanted to do all along it all fell into place.

I may not have been put on this earth to “Heal” others, but I know I can help others heal themselves.

We all have struggled. We struggle with our “ego mind” on a daily, sometimes constant, basis.

Sometimes all we need is confirmation that what we feel is true and real. Sometimes we need some guidance and a little push to get “unstuck”, and sometimes we need some guidance to see things differently.

Each person in this world is unique, every person has a special purpose. If this were not true, they would not exist. YOU ARE NOT INCONSEQUENTIAL. You are valuable to live. When you see and accept “that value” of yourself and you find the inner motivation to take the action needed to bring you success and happiness. You find the fulfillment of your Soul.

Wishing you Love and Magick All Ways