Practitioner – Rebecca Fuller

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Practitioner – Rebecca Fuller

Intuitive Coach

About Rebecca Fuller

I left the corporate world after 30 years in September of 2016, to follow my dream and use both my corporate and metaphysical skills to offer a unique package of skills to people who wish to make lasting change in their lives, through consulting.

In the corporate world, I taught leadership skills, coaching, mentoring, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and more. The last decade of my corporate career I also studied, practiced and built a small business, Crystal Soul-Journ that include a variety of metaphysical services. These include Crystal healing, Usui Reiki, Angel Practitioner, Professional Space Clearer, and as an EFT practitioner.

Then I realized what a wonderful array of combined skills to help people, as no one person is alike, so I can offer exactly what each individual needs! Now I offer a variety of consulting packages, starting with a 3-service sampler pack, meaning 3 sessions to see if it’s a fit.

It took me 30 years to really peel back my old ineffective beliefs that drove my life, then to figure out my own belief system that fit me. After that, I was able to then truly live an authentic life. Not as easy as it sounds, but I have figured out a path. Now I help guide others on their path to finding their true selves, providing support and accountability along the way for lasting change, and it won’t take 30 years, that’s the beauty!

As a wonderful fit to this already exciting life path, I also love to teach, build and create courses and working with Crystals. In fact, my husband and I have a Crystal business as well, that fits beautifully into my consulting practice, as I focus on the metaphysical side and him on the science side (as well as the jewelry side). Together we provide some amazing workshops and a combined knowledge that is hard to find in one place. It’s taken a while to get here, and the journey continues to lead to exciting new people and pathways! I’m grateful every day to be living the life I love, surrounded by love and abundance.

Crystal Soul-Journ Supply BIO

Meet owners and operators of Crystal Soul-Journ Supply, Darren and Rebecca Fuller, husband and wife team of almost 20 years.

At first, Darren has his Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a double major in metalsmith and design. With this, he became an amazing designer of jewelry and has a great knowledge of fine gems and geology. He introduced Rebecca to his precious gems when they first met, and that took them back to the basics of collecting simple tumbled stones, for their beauty.

With time both the collection and desire to collect grew, then Rebecca learned from a trusted friend, that Crystals had energy, who knew? She then began her journey to become a certified Crystal Healer, and onto an instructor and creator of an amazing 5 days course teaching people how to lay crystals for deep work inner healing.

Darren was skeptical, so had to get into the science side of things, and well now he’s a believer, as who can deny science?

Years forward and now they have been in the Rock & Crystal business for 5 years, and focus in on high quality, high vibration, rare and unique Crystals, but the main focus is teaching and sharing their knowledge of how Crystals work, and how they can change and enhance your life.

Rebecca says “When we go to Arizona to purchase, every morning we ask to help to guide us to the Crystals that already have a home, as we are simply the foster parents, and care for them until they reach their final destination in the hands of their next caretaker in this life.” They have found some amazing pieces as a result and made many people happy.


Crystal Healing – 2 hour session $220.00
Reiki – 60 minutes $130.00
Chakra Cleanse and Balance $130.00
Angel Card Readings:
15 Minute Reading $40.00
30 Minute Reading $65.00
45 Minute Reading $80.00
60 Minute Reading $120.00

Crystal Healing

How would I describe Crystal Healing?

I think of ourselves similar to a vase, filled with our life experiences. Some good, some not so good, some great, other parts terrifying, invigorating… you get the idea. We decide it’s time for more joy, so we try to pour that into or vase with self-help books and programs, but the vase overflows and we give up after a few months on the program.

Instead of a “quick fix” or an external solution, Crystal healing is all about going deep, reaching into the vase and pulling out what is not working in our lives. Crystals act like a magnifying glass in the process, highlighting what is the root cause, so we shine a light on it, release it, then start to create beliefs and behaviors that shape a life we do wish and desire.

While Crystals help highlight the root cause, the client is responsible for their own healing, meaning what happens outside the healing room. But do not fear, you are not alone in the process, I am here to guide release, and facilitate the necessary steps to get you onto your path, and provide guidance on what maintenance tools are needed to support the process.

Crystal healing is for those who seriously want to change their life, take back their power, and do the necessary work to get there. I am here to facilitate the journey.

Sessions are 2 hours, time to have tea, go over intake and release forms and set the intention for the session. The client is then one hour on the table for the energy work, with another 30 minutes set aside to debrief the session afterward, and set up a maintenance plan.

During table time Chakra’s are checked for blocks, cleared & cleansed… all with the use of beautiful Crystals being laid on the client. Messages or information is provided intuitively, sometimes through the client (i.e. visions, feelings, a knowing…) other times through Rebecca as she opens herself to channel both Universal Energy and any messages that are needed to meet the set intention. Once blocks are removed, the Crystals are removed, then the client is filled with Reiki to leave them feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated.

A debrief is then conducted of what information came through (this is key as it’s often “root cause” information), what tools are needed, and what action is now required on the client’s part to maintain the work that has been done.

At times cord-cutting may be required, breathing techniques are shared, or maybe even a few Angel cards are incorporated. It all depends on what the client needs.