Psychic in Calgary – Joanne Stoneberg

psychics calgary joanne stoneberg

Practitioner – JoAnn Stoneberg

About JoAnn Stoneberg

JoAnn is a Soul Investigator and an Intuitive Astrologer, who sources teachings and guidance from her 15-year healing journey and various cutting-edge training along the way. Her training in Shamanism and a technique called Deep Memory Process ® (DMP), has heightened her already intuitive skills to eloquently heal the souls of our past lives that affect us today, to help Earthbound spirits cross over, to transform the lineage of our ancestors and to clear negative energies from our homes. JoAnn also has the gift of translating the beautiful ancient language of Astrology in a brilliant way that helps you understand and discover who you are at the soul level.

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Healing the Planet, One Soul at a Time.