What is a Tarot Card Reading?

What is a Tarot Card Reading?

When you think of a Tarot Card Reading, does it bring images of a Gypsy Woman in flowing robes, surrounded by curtains, a crystal ball, in a candle lite room, foretelling your fortune and fame or impending doom and disaster?

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Tarot Card Readings are one of the oldest forms of divination known and are really not meant to tell your future at all. As we have free will and free choice, nothing is written in stone. Instead, Tarot Cards focus on possible outcomes as well as looking at influences related to the issue at hand. Some influences may be ones that the client may not even be aware of before the Tarot Reading.
Tarot Card Readings can help the client with additional information so that they can make more informed choices. It’s like doing research, and should not be seen with any guarantee of ultimate outcomes. This is largely done to a person’s free choice and free will.

Tarot Card Readings are commonly used to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, an event or both.
How can Tarot Cards, that are drawn, have any relevance to someone’s life and whats happening in it?
When you are getting a Tarot Card Reading, the reader connects to your Higher-Self and is the messenger or conduit, to relay messages from Your Higher-Self specifically for You. The messages are coming from you, not the reader.
Tarot Card Readings can enlighten you about the choices you have. Tarot Cards can help you to see things differently, see things in a different light. As I said before, nothing is written in stone, we all have free choice and free will. The choices you make or the path you choose will ultimately determine what happens next.

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Tarot Card Readings can give you insight on what choices you have. A Tarot Card Reading could present to you a choice you had not thought of consciously, hence, seeing things differently. Tarot Card Readings can also give you confirmation on what you already know.
Tarot Cards can play a role in showing us paths and patterns and help us understand the meaning of those guiding energies.
With questions you have about your life, Tarot cards can be useful in helping us to tap into our Higher-Self to find answers that you don’t know you already know. Often times, we don’t realize we already know the answer. It can be very comforting, especially when we are sitting in doubt or fear, to realize “ Ok, I was right.” or “Oh, I never saw it that way.”
Whether you believe that Tarot Cards hold any power or ability to shed light on your life, your problems or your future might depend on how easily you can open your mind to the idea of it. You don’t have to be a person who believes in Tarot to benefit from a reading. Usually, a Tarot Card Reading will make a believer out of you.
Think of Tarot Card Readings like a really great Life Coach. They don’t tell you what to do, they help you ask the right questions so you can find your own solutions.

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