What is Shamanism?

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What is Shamanism

by Garrett McCoy

Recent research now dates Shamanism to be around 40,000 years old. Just to give you an idea of how old that is, Earth 40,000 years ago, was populated by at least 3 different species of Humans. Our early Human ancestors used Shamanism to gain control over the natural world. Calling the Rains, blessing the crops, and protecting the livestock were, and still, are some of the duties of Shamans across the world.

The Shaman can also assist those around them in healing and nurture the body from chronic disease, pain, fears, stress (emotional, physical and spiritual), injury, trauma, nightmares, and even bad luck. Most of the time, people feel like they are “trapped” in their lives and are having troubles moving forward. Shamanism works with anyone who is willing to let go of those things that are weighing them down.

So how does Shamanism work? I will use a sliver as an analogy to explain the process of Shamanic Healing. When we get a sliver in our hand, we immediately experience pain and maybe some bleeding. The pain may last for a couple days and then go away. The same can be said for when we experience an event that we deem “hurtful” or “negative”. An energetic sliver is lodged in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) around our body. After a while, the sliver in our hand may begin to fester and turn red. Each time we touch the spot, we experience the same pain, maybe the pain is 2x worse. When the energetic slivers are left to fester in our LEF, our chakras begin to feed off the heavy energy. This heavy energy begins to inform the systems in our body such as the Endocrine system. We begin to form limiting beliefs surrounding the event; we may also begin to feel physical effects. The longer the sliver stays in your hand, the worse the pain gets. The same can be said about the energetic sliver. We may go around for years with this sliver in us, while it continues to inform us in undesirable ways. Once we get out the tweezers and dig that sliver out, the festering may still continue. Digging the sliver out will only remove the cause of the pain, not completely heal the wound. We must also apply antibiotic ointment to the wound so the skin may heal and fill in the hole left by the sliver. The Shaman removes the energetic slivers from the clients LEF and fills the hole up with pure light energy, thus illuminating the wound. With the sliver out of the LEF, the Chakras begin to feed off pure energy from our LEF, and we begin to let go of those limiting beliefs we have created. What we used to label a “wound” now becomes a source of power and compassion. Added practices such as meditation, Yoga, and fires are used to speed up this process. The Shaman may also use the help of Plant and Animal energies to assist the client.